Rock Lake Angus 

Embryo Donor Dams

L-R:  RL Mandate Lady 2981, RL 0145 Image 102, RL 109 In Focus Lass 606S

RL 0145 Image 102 in 2018

RL 0145 IMAGE 102

RL 0145 Image 102 is a pathfinder dam whose first natural calf was RL 9061 Birdie 3102.  Birdie is the dam of Stevenson Big League and Stevenson Declaration. 

This cow has been in our donor program for 5 years with 44 calves on the ground and more on the way. She is a true brood cow with a near perfect udder at 10 years of age.   She has a 108 weaning ratio and 7 natural calves. 

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RL Mandate Lady 2981 is one of our favorites. Moderate frame, great feet and udder and very fertile.  She is a triple threat with calving ease, strong growth and carcass quality.

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This pathfinder dam has been a great cow for us. She has proven very fertile with great feet and is highly maternal. Her dam, 7Z Sensational Lass 602, is a legend. She was nearly 23 years old when she passed in the fall of 2018. Also a pathfinder, her perfect calving record on 15 natural calves and a 106 weaning ratio proves what an exceptional cow she was. 

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RL 109 In Focus Lass 606S at 13 years old

RL 109 In Focus Lass 606S

RL 109 In Focus 606S is the grand dam of Stevenson Big League.  

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RL 109 In Focus Lass 606S with heifer calf, RL 0145 Image 102 in 2011 at Rock Lake.

RL 0145 Image 102 in 2011 at Rock Lake.

RL 0145 Image 102 with natural bull calf, RL Full Power Kaiju 5102, in 2015 at Rock Lake.