3rd Annual Bull Sale

Monday, March 15, 2021

Big Red Barn in Wheatland, WY



Lot 2                             

RL Cowboy Up 2055

Cowboy UP son out of Pathfinder dam. Top 10% in CED, WW, YW CEM, FAT, & $W.  Weaning ratio 106

RL Cowboy Up 2055 EPD

Lot 5                                        

RL Reno 2062

ET bull out of Hinman Angus Dam. Top 10% YH, HP, MW, MH, CLAW, CW, RE, $M $G AND $C.  Top 1% $W, WW, YW.  Weaning ratio 105

RL Reno 2062 EPD

Lot 8                          

RL Thunderbird 2052

Thunderbird son out of ET Dam.  Pathfinder Granddam and sire.  -2.8 BW and top 5% in CED, BW, and CEM

RL Thunderbird 2052 EPD

Lot 11                                      

RL Reno 2068

ET son out of Hinman Angus Dam.  Top 20% BW, SC, HP and $W. Top 5% CED and CEM

RL Reno 2068 EPD

Lot 19                                      

RL Reno 2069

ET son out of Hinman Angus Dam.  Top 20% CED, BW, WW, YW and CLAW.  Top 5% HP, CEM, MILK, $M & $W

RL Reno 2069 EPD

Lot 3                                 

RL Resource 2059

Resource son out of Image Maker 3 generation Pathfinder Dam line. Top 20% in SC, DOC, HP, CLAW & $M

RL Resource 2059 EPD

Lot 6                                 

RL Resource 2075

ET bull Resource son.  Top 20% in SC and DOC

RL Resource 2075 EPD

Lot 9                            

RL Cowboy Up 2089

Cowboy Up son out of Full Power Dam. Top 20% SC, MW, CW, RE, $F, $W.  Top 5% WW, YW, RADG and FAT

RL Cowboy Up 2089 EPD

Lot 14                                      

RL Reno 2097

ET son out of Pathfinder Hinman Angus Dam.  Top 20% in CED, MILK, CLAW and $W

RL Reno 2097 EPD

Lot 23                                

RL Justified 2095

Top 20% in CED, BW, HP, MILK and $W.  Top 5% in CLAW, ANGLE, PAP and $M.  Weaning ratio 111

RL Justified 2095 EPD

Lot 4                                   

RL Justified 2051

Justified son out of ET Cash Dam with a -2.0 BW.  Top 10% in CED, SC and $M. Top 5% in BW and $W.  Weaning ratio 114

RL Justified 2051 EPD

Lot 7                                  

RL Justified 2092

Justified son LD Capitalist Dam.  Top 20% in CED, CEM, PAP.  Top 5% in BW, MILK, CLAW, ANGLE, $M, and $W

RL Justified 2092 EPD

Lot 10             

RL Enhance 2082

Top 20% in CED, BW, WW, YW, RADG, MILK, DOC, CLAW, CW, RE, FAT, $M, $F and $G.  Top 5% in $W, $B and $C

RL Enhance 2082 EPD

Lot 15                               

RL Resource 2073

ET Resource son.  Top 20% YW, MW, and DOC.  Top 5% SC and CEM

RL Resource 2073 EPD

Lot 32                                

RL Justified 2050

Justified son out of ET Cash Dam.  Pathfinder Image Maker Granddam.  Top 20% CED, SC, CEM, DOC, ANGLE and $W.  Top 5% BW, HP and $M.  Actual birth weight 72.  Weaning ratio 116

RL Justified 2050 EPD