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Rock LakE ​Angus

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          Why Rock Lake Angus?


We are a family run ranch located in Wheatland in southeast Wyoming.  We have a small herd of 200 high-quality maternal cows and sell the 50 best yearling bulls the second Wednesday in April. 

Calving ease and weaning are our two main focuses at Rock Lake Angus. Our bulls have genomic enhanced EPDs through HD50K to ensure accuracy and predictability.  All sale bulls are PAP and tested prior to sale day. We take as much guesswork out of the selection of your herd sires as possible.

Wheatland is centrally located to northern Colorado, Laramie, Albany, and Goshen counties in Wyoming.  Why drive to Shoshoni or Montana when you can locally source your herd bulls right down the road in Wheatland, WY?  

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